servo tester third gear switch with indicator light 4.2v to 6.0v for sg90 servo

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Artikelnaam: servotester
Size: 46x32x17mm
Weight: 8g
Kleur blauw
Input: DC 4.2 to 6.0V
Output: ≤15mA (5.0)
Uitgangssignaal: 1,5 ms ± 0,5 ms
Adjustment Methods: Manual, Neutral, Automatic.

- Small size,low power consumption,high reliability and easy operation.
- It can easily detect and configure server virtual bit, jitter and middle position.
- Can connect two servos or ESC.
- MCU control,good stability,high accuracy.

Usage Method:

1. The left side is connected to the servo, which can be divided into three groups: upper, middle and lower. Three servos can be tested at the same time.

2. Connect the power supply from the right single row of pins, the three blue lights will light up at the same time, and then the leftmost light will light up. At this time, you can select three modes through the mode selection button. When the leftmost light is on, it is the manual adjustment mode. You can directly use the potentiometer (and the adjustment knob) to control the rotation of the servo, and then press the button, the middle light will light up. At this time, it is the centering test mode. Press the button again, and the rightmost light will light up, at this time, it is an automatic test mode. The servo will rotate continuously, and then rotate reversely after being stuck, and cycle in turn.

This product can't test the servo whose weight is more than 55g.
If you want to test the motor,please first connect the ESC.

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servo tester third gear switch with indicator light 4.2v to 6.0v for sg90 servo

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