siyi fm30 2.4ghz 30km telemetrie bluetooth lange afstand zender module uart sbus ppm input met fr mini ota ontvanger voor rc drone

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SIYI FM30 2.4GHZ 30KM Telemetrie Bluetooth Lange Afstand Zender Module UART SBUS PPM Input met FR Mini OTA Ontvanger voor RC Drone


30KM Radio Module with Datalink, Telemetry, and Bluetooth

FM30 is based on SIYI Tech's industry-level radio frequency technology, accu-mulated for years. The built-in Bluetooth function supports outdoor wireless FC settings and real-time flight status monitoring. The module is tiny and compatible with standard JR slot. FM30 also supports multiple signal input and commu-nication protocols, users will have an unprecedented experience of manipulating

hun modelambacht, bereikgrenzen verkennen en plezier hebben.

De Engelstalige gebruikershandleiding en firmware-update van de FM30-module zijn verkrijgbaar via Google Drive



Merknaam: SIYI

Artikelnaam: FM30-module met FR Mini-ontvanger

Model: FM30

Module Weight: 36g

Gewicht FR-ontvanger: 1,5 g (zonder antenne)

Frequency: 2400- 2483 MHz

Transmission Distance: >30 km(unobstructed, free of interference)

Latency: 10 ms(protocol mode)

Signal Input: UART, S Bus, PPM

Channels: 16 CH

Antenna Connector: SMA Female

Power Input: 5-8.4V

Stroomverbruik: 0,7 W

Firmware Update: Supported

Product Dimension: 70 20*33 mm

Compatible Slot Size: 59'4318.5 mm

Working Temperature: -10-55°C


30KM Long Range

Aplied with lately developed technologies, such as super long distance, self-adaptive bandwidth, interference avoidance frequency hopping, and two-way telemetry, equipped with industry-level RF hardware which is capable to counter high power electromagnetic interference, FM30 radio module s maxi-mum control distance can reach up to 30 kilometers and more, which can effectively guarantee the low-altitude manipulating stability crossing among tres, through racing panels, in garage and other concrete buildings with many obstacles, shelters, and heavy interference.

Bluetooth/Telemetry Configuration

FM30 comes with built-in Bluetooth function and supports Mavlink protocol, which makes it possible for users to monitor real-time flight status and do configuration through the ground control software

-FM30 supports popular GCS such as QGroundControl, Speedy Bee, Mission Planner, Fish Drone, etc.

Ontvanger OTA Draadloze upgrade, draadloze binding

The way of upgrading receiver firmware wirelessly let users get rid of complex wire connection.

Through a combination of manipulation, receiver actively enters binding mode without disassembling your drone/aircraft.

RSSI Signal Telemetry

FM30 supports RSSI output in S.Bus mode, providing real-time status information as reference for long-range flight.

2,4 GHz ISM-frequentieband

FM30' s uses 2.4GHz band, which is legal to use in any countries. Under 2.4GHz and working with Fast Hopping techology, FM30's transmission speed is fast and stable.

Coming Soon:

USB Simulator

Wireless Master-slave

Multi-drone Control

RC Relay

Pakket Inbegrepen:

1 x FM30 Module

1 x FR Mini-ontvanger (Optioneel)

1 x USB-kabel

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siyi fm30 2.4ghz 30km telemetrie bluetooth lange afstand zender module uart sbus ppm input met fr mini ota ontvanger voor rc drone